Hi! We have another book to review:
“Shadow Among Splendours: Lady Charlotte Wheeler-Cuffe’s Adventures Among the Flowers of Burma 1897-1921” by E. Charles Nelson. I would suggest that someone familiar with tropical plants and flowers would be particularly suited to review this book.

Please let me know OFF-LIST if you are interested; if you have already reviewed a book, kindly wait awhile to let others have the opportunity.

Below are our Book Review guidelines. Your review will be published online on the GNSI website (www.gnsi.org), and may be featured in the Journal (no promises!)

thank you!



Thank you for volunteering to review a book for the GNSI!


Leslie Becker, GNSI Administrative Assistant, will send you a copy of the book you have offered to review. Unless otherwise indicated, we would appreciate receiving your review in approximately one month.


Please submit a Word or text document, max approx. 450 - 600 words, 1-2 images, to Gail Guth ([log in to unmask]). Your review will be posted on the GNSI website (www.gnsi.org).


We can pull images from the web (Amazon et al) etc., where it is obvious the publisher is providing publicity materials. If there is another image from the book that you would like to include, we can send you permissions forms to request use from the author/publisher.


We would appreciate your impression of the book, both personally and as an artist. Please be specific: does the content live up to the promise of its title? Is it well written, easy or hard to read and digest? Are there images, are they appropriate and well annotated?  Is this a book your fellow GNSI-ers would enjoy reading? Why or why not?


Here are a few links to previous book reviews on the GNSI website:





You are welcomed to keep the book for your library as a thank you for writing this review!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Gail Guth

GNSI Outreach & Communications Director

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