Up side: he now has 6 super blog entries/essays ready to go (copyright them!).

A pretty sad story.


On 5/2/14, 4:07 PM, Bruce Bartrug wrote:
> The friend I mentioned in a previous thread ("Work for free .....") thanks everyone for their input
> on his issue.  Here's the upshot:
> "In a friendly, respectful, business-like email, I told the fashion magazine my terms:
> "That I would do 12 essays on their topics, due in a week, and would do rewrites as requested. In trade,
> --- they give me a contract
> --- they give me byline credit on the table of contents
> --- they release the rights back to me after 2 years so I can use material in blogs or collected essays
> --- they give me 10 copies of the magazine and that I would be willing to pick those up in person.
> "And they said no!"
> They just blew off a writer who was recently paid a dollar a word for a 3000 word addition to a
> regional atlas, and who had the first six essays done the day after the proposal was first made.
> Can you believe they offered $40 for 12 essays to a glitzy magazine that sells for double digits at
> the newstand?
> I do believe he'll be more inclined to talk dollars right from the start from now on.
> Thanks,
> b

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