Despite a sloppy spring snowstorm in Boulder, CO over Mother's Day, the 
sun is shining and gardens are showing the telltale signs of spring here 
in the Rockies. And you know what /that/ means: Spring Cleaning! If the 
spirit moves you and you are longing to see your horizontal surfaces 
again, Chiquita Auctianna would like to remind you that whatever you are 
not using in your studio would make a most delightful addition to the 
Annual Auction to be held Tuesday night of conference week (that's July 
15th for you calendar-types). So clean out those closets and set those 
donations aside for the Annual Auction! Remember, the more room you 
reclaim in your studio, the more you can bid for the night of the auction...

In case you weren't already excited at the prospect of what will be up 
for grabs, here is a teaser from our book department: */a brand, 
spankin'-new copy of John Gurche's incredible book, Shaping Humanity 
<> and James 
Gurney's show-stopping Color and Light 
both generously donated by Chiquita's pal, Hubbdub von Grubblestub. (See 
what a classy auction this is shaping up to be? My, my.) /(Note: not 
*all* auction items need to be books written by men whose last names are 
six letters beginning with the letters G-U-R. If you have items that 
fall outside this exclusive category, please do not be discouraged. Add 
to our diverse offerings!)/

As a reminder, donations may be brought to the conference and dropped at 
the Registration Desk. Alternatively, support your local postal service 
(they really need it!) and mail it to:
Chiquita Auctianna
c/o Visible Science LLC
386 South Clarkson Street
Denver, CO 80209

Chiquita A.

Gail Guth
Guth Illustration & Design
139 Lathrop Avenue
Battle Creek, MI  49014-5076
[log in to unmask] <>

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