Ok, just wanting to vent rather than looking for answers.

I was asked very early on to do some illustrations for a children's book for a non-profit science foundation. I very graciously offered to let them use one of my illustrations in their kickstarter campaign for free given that the funds raised would be used to pay artists. They hired a organization to run their kickstarter campaign and I haven't heard anything more since Christmas. So, today, I get an e-mail asking me to send finished preliminary drawings to them by the end of next week and that I would have 2 weeks to complete the artwork once the drawings were approved. I then look at the dollar amounts being offered, which are low of course, and see that on top of all that, they want me to sign a work for hire agreement. I am just foaming at the mouth as you can imagine. 

Fortunately, the ace in my pocket is that each artist has been paired with a scientist and I am paired with someone who was a mentor in grad school, has hired me previously for artwork, who happens to belong to the National Academy of Sciences and who has received numerous awards for her writing. She would have no hesitation pulling her chapter from the book. 

But still, .... really? ..... gobsmacked, just completely gobsmacked.


Lore Ruttan, Ph.D.

Lore Ruttan Illustration

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