Happy to report that the latest issue of WAL, 49.1, spring 2014, is now up on Project Muse. (Not sure why they don't have 48.4 up yet.)  It's a special issue on "Indigenous Wests: Literary and Visual Aesthetics" guest edited by Susan Bernardin. 


If it hasn't already, it should be appearing in your mailbox  shortly.

Table of Contents:


Indigenous Wests: Literary and Visual Aesthetics  SUSAN BERNARDIN (Guest Editor)

The Significance of the Frontier in Comanche Poetry  SCOTT ANDREWS

The End (of the Trail) is the Beginning: Stephen Graham Jones’s The Bird is Gone  JOHN GAMBER


“This Is Our Playground”: Skateboarding, DIY Aesthetics, and Apache Sovereignty in Dustinn Craig’s 4wheelwarpony  JOANNA HEARNE


“Just by doing it, we made it appear”: Dustinn Craig on We Shall Remain: Geronimo, 4wheelwarpony, and the Apache Scouts Project   Interview JOANNA HEARNE and DUSTINN CRAIG


It’s a Good Day to Bike: Indigenous Futures in Ramona Emerson’s Opal   SUSAN BERNARDIN


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