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Well, this sounds like the coolest essay collection ever.  Abstract due September 1, 2014. 


The editors invite scholars from relevant disciplines to submit original research for the proposed collection Evil Women and Mean Girls. The purpose of this edited collection is to explore gendered representations of “evil” in popular culture and history (historical era and geographical region open). Scholars often explore the relationships between gender, sex, and violence through theories of inequality, violence against women, and female victimization, but what happens when women are the perpetrators of violent or harmful behavior? In this volume, we seek to explore the following questions: How do we define “evil”? What makes evil men seem different from evil women? When women commit acts of violence or harmful behavior, how are they represented differently from men? How do perceptions of class, race, and age influence these representations? How have these representations changed over time, and why? What purposes have gendered representations of evil served in culture and history? What is the relationship between gender, punishment of evil behavior, and equality?


Chapter proposals may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

·         Criminal women in pop culture, literature, or history

·         Historical and changing definitions of “evil” behavior for women

·         Representations of female villains

·         The sexualization of female violence

·         Slut-shaming

·         Gender and bullying, cyberbullying

·         Women as social dangers

·         Motherhood

·         The roles of race, ethnicity, class, religion, and heterosexism in definitions of feminine “evil”

·         The association between feminism and female violence

·         The alleged link between hormones, emotions, and female violence

·         Punishment (legal and/or social)

·         Female leaders and other public figures

·         Women in gangs

·         School cliques



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Dear Film/Lit/CMLL Wise Women,


Keira Williams and I are ready to send out a call for book chapters on aspects of Evil Women (see attached). We are already planning to post it on the usual history and WMNST sites, but we would love to make the call truly across the disciplines. Would you be able to advise us on some good places to post this within your disciplines?





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