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I have several 'hobby' articles and essays that I have created over the time I have been in the SCA, and several that I have created outside.  None of these is owned by a company under a intellectual property contract, they are mine.  They don't make me money.  All I ask is that if someone uses them, that they cite me as the author and where they found that information. 

Thank you Kazimierz,

That is pretty much the idea behind the Florilegium. While there is advertisement on the site, which occasionally gets me a check, it is hardly recompense. And it certainly isn’t the “commercial enterprise” that SCA Inc. thinks it is.

I encourage you to put your actions behind your words and submit one or more articles that are on SCA or Middle Ages topics to the Florilegium. If you own the copyright, there is no problem is they were published elsewhere.

My policy is, and has always been, the copyright remains with the author and I accept updates on articles at any time. I can most easily handle Word files but PDF and others can work. Please let me know what you have created.

I have both short and long, Compleat Anachronist and Master’s Thesis length works.

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