I am confused about when an event is not really an event.

It is my understanding that all SCA gatherings that expect to be covered by the SCA insurance are considered "events" and require signed waivers for all participants. This includes wars, tournaments, practices, A&S events, everything.

Is that correct?

If so, what about demos? Again, it is my understanding that these are "events" and all participants must have a signed waiver. But I have heard from several different sources that we absolutely CAN NOT let any people at demos sign a waiver and try our activities out, because INSURANCE.

Is that correct?

If so, then how do we get away with letting people try stuff at other events? Is there some magic wand we have to waive that I am unaware of? Is there something we aren't doing at demos that we are doing at all other events that makes letting someone shoot archery or ride a horse be covered by the insurance?

Or are we perpetuating a well meaning myth? Or are demos not events, so they aren't covered by the insurance? Can someone with better knowledge of / access to the rules attempt to explain this to my poor brain?

Please note that I am NOT pointing any fingers at people for not allowing new folks to participate. I firmly believe that everyone is trying to follow the rules at laid down by corporate to the best of their abilities. I am just confused as to what those rules are and why the are interpreted they way they are.


-- Logan --
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