To the shoppers at the upcoming Kris Kindermarkt come warmest greetings from Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis, Proprietor and Prandioprates of Calontir Trim,



I wish to let you know that for the first time since the Reign of King Gilligan and Queen Adelith, I will not be a merchant at Kris Kinder.  I will be enjoying the bustle of the marketplace from the other side of the table, and arriving on site at a much more civilized hour than has been my habit over the past two decades. 

Why, might you ask, am I passing on one of the largest shopping events of the year?  It is a matter of economics.  I sell at six to eight Calontir events through the course of the year, and am available online when I am not physically at hand.  But many of the other merchants in attendance are making one of their few appearances of the year at Kris Kinder.  It is prudent for you the shopping public to take this opportunity to purchase from them, whom you might not see again in the near future, rather than spend your holiday coin, so carefully gathered, at my booth, which is much more regularly available.  This reasonable equation, calculated to the same result by many hundreds of shoppers, has meant that the meager sales that I have garnered in the past few years have poor recompense for the effort and expense that I undergo to sell at the event. I am not grumbling, nor casting aspersions on the Barony, Their Excellencies, or the staff of Kris Kinder, who have treated me so well and made allowances for me over the decades.  I endorse the event, the staff, and commend Their Excellencies to you all most highly.  My declining sales should be in no way laid at their feet.

For those who were looking forward to shopping with me at the event, I offer these alternate possibilities.  First, you may shop online, and if you send me an email by this coming Saturday, December 6 at noon, I will cut your order while I am set up at an event in Meridies.  I can hand deliver that to you at Kris Kinder.  I will bring the Calontir Trims (Boga-Fyrd, Iren Fyrd and Hirth, Falcon and Calontir Metallic and Non-metallic) with me, and have those available for sale at Lady Malina’s booth.  There is a chance the new Eo-Fyrd trim will have been delivered to me by then as well.  I will have lamellar plates packed in the car if you are interested in those.  All of my normal consignment merchandise will be in the hands of the original producers or their agents.

By the grace of the event stewards of Coronation and the Clothiers’ Symposium, I will be open for business at those events. 

I wish to take this opportunity to salute and thank Lady Miriam von Schwarzwald, my loyal ship assistant for so many years, whose patience and forbearance has allowed me to conduct business and fulfill my obligations to the well famed meeting docket of Kris Kinder.  I hope she is able to enjoy the event in a manner of her choosing as well.

I look forward to sharing a relaxing Kris Kinder with my friends, unburdened with my own petty concerns of profit and loss, packing and inventory, early rising and late departures.  I thank you for your patience as I have publicly explained my seemingly counterintuitive decision.  I thank you for your patronage through the year, and the years.

Know I remain,

Andrixos Seljukroctonis, OP, OL



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