On 12/8/2014 12:51 PM, Jean Paul de Sens wrote:
> So, at best, only 1 in 4 people said "Put them in the Chivalry" ?

Yes.  Because the pool of people who were asked kept shrinking,
let me lay it out that way.

23.0% f those that answered the survey at all.
24.9% of those that answered the peerage screening question
35.1% of those that said Yes to the peerage screening question
37.2% of those that answered the rapier-specific question

Compare that last number against the REPORTED figures:
37% said "In the Chivalry"
35% said "Within own Peerage"
20% said "Within shared Peerage"

Let's smack the report to the Board around a little bit.

According to the report found at:

"1.	The respondents in general strongly support the idea of a new 
martial peerage option (70% of SCA Inc. respondents, 71% of Paid members 
and current participants, and 73% of people who have participated in the 
past but don’t participate now). The support varies significantly by 
Kingdom (ranging from 63% to 79%), and by the specific peerage option in 
question, with only three of the specific options having even a 
majority-level of support."

There is no kind way to say it: that's a big fat lie.


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