Please be aware of the extension.  If you were thinking about applying for one of the two open Lepidoptera positions with USDA SEL and based here at NMNH, there’s still time!!!







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Subject: RE: 2 Lepidopterists (Research Entomologists) Positions in SEL Now Open for Applicants!


All -  The open date has been extended until this Friday, Feb. 6, 2015.


Pass the word!


Best regards,




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Subject: 2 Lepidopterists (Research Entomologists) Positions in SEL Now Open for Applicants!
Importance: High


All -  I am pleased to announce that the two Lepidopterists (Research Entomologists) positions currently vacant in our laboratory are now open for applicants via the USA Jobs website:


The open period is rather brief,  January 20-February 3, 2015, so please forward this to any interested, qualified party. 


SEL is excited to be able to fill these important positions and we are looking forward to having new members in our laboratory and on our team.


Pass the word!






Gary L. Miller, Ph.D.

Research Leader

USDA, ARS, Systematic Entomology Laboratory





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