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Greetings Kingdom of Calontir! It is with pleasure that I announce the Middle Eastern Samra to be held on the first Saturday of Lilies war at Sunset on the beach. Taking a page from al-Mahala, Cecelia and I are inviting Musicians and dancers to participate in Period Performances from all Middle Eastern cultures portrayed in the SCA. Please message or email me (December Montecino) [log in to unmask] if you are interested in performing as a musician or as a dancer. We plan on interspersing performances with free dance.

What is a Samra you ask? “’Samra’ in Arabic means a spontaneous celebration of dance and music. Originally the Arabic term ‘Samra’ was used to describe the noises made by the sounds of lively crowds and certain musical instruments, such as in a party or celebration.”

Thank you!

Qadiya Catalina de Arazuri

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