A (non-scadian) Greek artist is coming to Lincoln NE to teach a six-day workshop on Byzantine Iconography.  Too expensive for me, but I thought I'd pass the info on in case anyone had both the cash and the days off.  There are apparently six slots.

Perhaps someone would forward this to the Facebook group?


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Terrence St.Hilaire
Catholic & Patriotic Fine Art
(402) 882-2481

Byzantine Iconography School

Icon Painting Workshop - Lincoln, Nebraska

Experience the unique spiritual world of the Byzantine Era through icon painting.


Icon Painting Workshop

June 25 - July 1, 2015                     
Lincoln, Nebraska
Join us on this six-day intensive course where we will immerse ourselves in the painting techniques of Byzantium. The subject of the icon of "Jesus Christ" will come alive before you as the instructor, Theodore Papadopoulos, guides you, step by step, through the ancient techniques of Byzantine Iconography. Let us journey together to discover new secrets in this traditional artistic expression of theology and spirituality, in this meeting place of the Divine. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this workshop offers an opportunity to learn and/or refine your techniques in this sacred art.
The course focuses on the art of egg tempera painting. Our goal is for students to understand and learn the artistic practices as well as the philosophy of Orthodox Iconography. The coursework is divided into individual steps; the instructor explains the principles and then demonstrates each phase in detail, answering all questions. Through the process of demonstrations the stages as well the whole method of painting an icon will be presented.  The students will then put into practice these skills under the guidance of the instructor Theodore Papadopoulos.
The techniques of painting will be taught in a clear and concrete way enabling the students to apply what they have learnt once the workshop is completed. Great emphasis is placed on the student acquiring "hands-on"experience, in order to be able to comprehend and put into practice the techniques Byzantine icon painting requires. From the very beginning to the completion of the course, every student will work on his or her painting with assistance by the instructor.
The courses will be in daily basis from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Day 1      
An introduction to Byzantine iconography and its characteristics so that students understand the principles of this art.
We begin the painting of the icon of “Jesus Christ Pantocrator”, starting with drawing the icon on a prepared board. We make the colors of the face and garments. Next, local colors within the painting are applied to the panel. At the end of the day We'll begin the painting of the garments.    
Day 2
We continue with the painting of the garments. Students will learn the process from the first layers to the final highlights in a very clear and understandable way.
Day 3
We continue working on the garments. At the end of the day we will have completed the painting of the garments.
Day 4
We have completed the painting of the garments, and we start the painting of the face, applying the first layers of the face.
We continue working on the face, painting the half tones of the face.
Day 6
We put the last highlights and complete the painting of the face.
Instructor: Theodore Papadopoulos
Tuition: $680.
The price includes the materials which will be used by the students, (brushes, pigments, boards).
A non-refundable deposit of $230 is required to reserve a place in this workshop.
The balance is due on June 25, 2015.
Location: The John XXIII Diocesan Center,  Lincoln, Nebraska. Here is a link to a map.

About the Instructor

Byzantine Iconography Workshop
Theodoros Papadopoulos was born, raised and presently lives in Larissa, Greece. His artistic studies began when he studied drawing at a local workshop in 1987. His fascination with iconography began when he visited Athos, The Holy Mountain.
His studies compelled him to return to Mt. Athos in order to perfect his technique and understanding in painting Byzantine icons and murals. Studying in Athens also facilitated his artistic progress in this field.
He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, the International Association of Art and the Greek Iconographers Association.
His commissions range from individuals personal icons to painting religious murals in churches in his homeland as well as abroad.
For over 20 years of professional work in iconography, his uncompromising principle is to present work of the highest quality.
For more information visit Theodoros Papadopoulos’ web site.

For enrollment or information

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