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Via HL Hanne Abendschein:

Greetings to Calontir bards, minstrels, singers, word smiths, players, poets, story tellers et al .

Share all the secrets and joys of your art the **weekend of Sept 26 ** at BARDIC BEDLAM AT PUDDLEFORD (near Warrenton, Mo at the western edge of Barony of Three Rivers)

We shall have a wonderful time on Baron Wayne of the Heights land /village (best known for the epic William the Marshall event, Bardic Bedlam 2011, numerous Gryphons Fests) . His land boasts an excellent, well used fire circle around which we will again host burning and most welcoming bardic fires Fri and Sat nites. Lots of camping space (trailer showers and porta potties) , ponds, a wooden castle, tiny church and tavern.

For this event Baron Wayne and Lord Malice are competing with their “Dueling Kitchens”. This competition (which the campers vote for the winner) allows us to taste their wares at each meal from Fri eve traveler’s stew through Sat eve supper. For donation of $ 5 each meal you will receive a half serving from each kitchen then vote on your favorite cook. (the meals are optional of course). The winner gets bragging rights/ word fame announced around the fire Sat nite.

It is now time to be thinking how YOU will share your arts: through teaching a class, offering a challenge, participating in various classes and/or taking up challenges. We will be sharing and soaking in knowledge all day Saturday.

Some Challenges for which to prepare include:

First Time SCA Performance: Been working up the nerve to sing a song or tell a story in front of your Calontir friends? You will have a receptive and attentive audience. Find and perform a piece (spoken or sung) that takes less than 5 minutes to present. Generally this is not something you’ve written and there is no documentation required. NOT a competition, you win for participating !

Exciting Extant Interpretations : Read/ perform a period piece of poetry or prose. May be read or memorized. English translated and/or original language. Spoken or sung. 5 minutes or less.

Songs that Need Singin’ or Tales that Need Tellin’ : Platform for songwriters or poets to get their work in public. Either a new song or story or one not heard much or not heard in a while.

Some classes:

Troubadours, Trouveres, and Jongleurs, O My! The History of the Middle Ages Musician – 
A comprehensive class discussing the secular musician of the Middle Ages.  Style, traditions, and examples of music covering the majority of Western Europe. (by Lady Appelonia)

Wavering Consort Do you like to sing period choral music?  Come join Mistress Gwyneth for a session of the “Wavering Consort”.   Music will be provided and for those who don’t read music, never fear – we’ll teach you your part.(with Mistress Gwyneth)


Period performance practice Want to make your singing style for period songs more authentic?  This session discusses some period vocal performance practices from Western Europe during SCA period. (with Mistress Gwyneth)

Other classes being developed by Ingeborg, Dorcas, Dolan and Janos so far. Everyone please consider teaching or sponsoring and talk with me about it. Thanks.

HL Hanne Abendschein, Bardic Bedlam at Puddleford planner


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