Greetings to these lists from Dorcas!

On the weekend of 8 August, at the manor of Aine nic Tailleur, the heralds of Calontir (and other interested parties) will retreat for a weekend of farbling, study, discussion, potlucking and fun!

If you think heraldry is your kind of fun, if you think hanging out with heralds is fun, if you think it might be fun to be a herald but just aren't sure, this weekend is for you.  There will be time and room for teaching, learning, talking, punning (we're heralds, after all), projects and demonstrations.  Gold Falcon will host a round table discussion about being a principal herald.  The new Heralds' Handbook will be available for discussion.  This is not an event, so it's a non-garb weekend.  There's land to pitch a tent, or floor space to just throw out a sleeping bag.

If you have a class you'd like to teach, or one you'd like to take, please let me know.  I can be reached via email at  [log in to unmask]

More details are forthcoming, including directions to Aine's home, as the date gets closer.  Mark your calendars!

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