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As provided by Lord Edward Logan de Munro:

Event Name:  Melees and Mayhem
Event Date:  2015-05-13
Hosting Group:  Spinning Winds
Calontir Royalty Present:  Anton, Isabeau, Xerxes
Court Herald:  Edward Logan de Munro
Awards Given
Golden Calon Swan – Svana Ulfsdottir (scroll read into court – award was presented at War College)
Iren-Fyrd – Faustus Cantillius Lupus
Iren-Fyrd – Christopher Atrox
Award of Arms – Tobias Oldenburg
Queen’s Chalice – HRH Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxes
Torse – Rebecca la Chienne
Silver Hammer – Cear MacBrendan
Chivalry – Matsunaga Kagetora
Item(s) of Note
Duke William o’ Vatavia begged a boon for his squire, Uldin, to be entered into the Order of chivalry.
Lord Janos Kotona announced the Tournament of Horse and Falcons to be held the following week in Forgotten Sea.
Sir Cai Doublas thanked their majesties for allowing his Shire of Carlsby.
The stewards of the event presented the winners of the archery and thrown weapons competitions.
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