The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'Bardic College "Big Damn Stick" Competition Requirements.'

From Lord Janos:

The competition will be held at Bardic Bedlam. I don’t have the dates
handy. (Ed. note:  September 26th at Puddleford)

The requirements are:

Original song, story, or poem. Any theme you like. By ‘original’ I mean:
written for this contest. You can have done it around the campfire a
couple of times, sure, but definitely not entered in a competition before.
In other words, Dorcas could not use Compact between Horse and Man (and
I know she won’t mind me using her as a random example).

After some thought, I am going to go ahead and open it up to past holders
of the BDS.

Filks are allowed, but please announce it as such; fully original pieces
will have an edge.

Pieces will be judged on creativity/appeal, technical aspects (musical
composition for a song, rhythm and meter/rhyme or alliteration for a poem,
or story construction and mechanics for a story), and performance.

Documentation is not required, but if you want to supply a written copy of
the work, or information about the style, then feel free. Feel free to do
a brief introduction as well.

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