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Lillies War Tournaments Needs You!

For any Heralds and/or List Ministers not on the Heralds’ lists, below is a
link to a spreadsheet of all the tournaments I know of, which has been
updated since the last post. Please sign up for individual activities by
putting your name in the appropriate cell. You are on your honor to a)
fulfill your signup and b) not mess with any names already there. If you
want to be a part of something that’s already spoken for, show up anyway!
We all work together well!

Speaking of working together, also keep the Camp Cries in mind! See Ozurr
Sviðbalki for details!

And hang out at the consulting table with Lisa Sofya Kies!

YIS, Logan Munro
Rogue Herald-at-Large
Vogue Herald-in-Charge

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