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This is the current list of Lilies XXIX merchants as of May 28th. The most up to date list will be on the Lilies War Site at

Old Market

Asad’s Silk Road Caravan – Furniture, fabric, clothes, armor, goblets, looms, jewelry and yurts

Ash and Griffin Pottery – Historical reproduction and medieval-inspired pottery including mugs, goblets, bowls, plates, and more

Celtz and More – Coifs, Pendants, Celtic Stuff, Kumihimo, kilts

Courtly Garb – Garb and accessories. Specializing in Landsknect and XXXLarge sizes included are tunics, fighting shirts, pants and waffenrocks.  Most items are one of a kind.

Drangon’s Lair – Fiber arts supply, looms, shuttles, furniture

Goin’ A Viking – Handmade soaps, Norse and Celtic pendants, perfumes, Celtic woven jewelry

Green Mountian Leather – Leather belts, pouches and other accessories, beads, jewelry, misc

Mhairi McLean’s – Garb for lads and lessies. Simple chemise, sideless surcotes, pants, T-tunics, cloaks, arming caps, cloth pouches and more

Misty Tower Fiber Creations – Patterns, fiber, yarn, including hand spun and hand dyed embroidery treads, knitting needles, tote bags, fiber-related accessories

Northstar Armory – Reproductions of SCA-period jewelry. Carefully curated selection of books for the modern medievalist.

Read it Again Books – Used books, hardback and paper, cook books, history, fiction and non-fiction

Thorvik Crafts – Leather Pouches, belts, sides, and Misc. Blacksmithed items including tenet stakes.

Vault of Valhalla – Norse, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon hand cut jewelry, costume jewelry, handmade chairs, and miscellaneous wares

Viking Archery Supply – Bows, custom bow strings, arrows, quivers, arm guards, gloves, crossbows, jewelry, pottery and more

New Market

Avalon Oddiments – SCA garage sale: hand knit items books, garb,  feast gear, Misc kilt hose, handmade pouches (various types) and knitted goods

Baise’s Wood Crafts – Wooden camp furniture that folds down

Blackwater Treasures – Yarns & fiber – wool -silk – bamboo – cotton – mohair, fiber equipment, drop spindles, kumihimo supplies

Bushman Leather & Crafts – Hand crafted leather goods, spinning and weaving tools, camp furniture and trim

By My Hand Designs – Jewelry, sheet metal, haversacks, Beads, Books, fighting supplies, coronets, belts,  Fiber tools, nalbinding needles, lucets, thrusting tips, and other various goods

Calontir Trim – Trim, Lamellar plates, Linen Coifs, twisted feastware, metalwork

Contourney Camel – Looms, weaving supplies, stools, tables, leather pouches, sewing supplies and wooden toys

Cornucopia – The Original Lilies General Store.  The things you forgot, the things you need, and the things too interesting to pass up.

Ends-N-Odds – Handcrafted items, coptic-bound, leather-covered journals / sketch books with linen parchment! Hardwood utensils, Viking clothing, soaps,

Fleur de Lis Spa and Botanica – Massage (therapeutic, relaxation, clinical), chair massage, herbal alchemy teas, bath, and face products, skin care, hair

Higher Vibrations by Halla – Reiki sessions, tarot & oracle readings, aura painting, mandalas, books, tarot and oracle decks, clothing, organic herbal teas, chakra & reiki healing stones, bags, incense and other gifts

Iron Cross Tailor – Simple Tunics – to fine tunics, cloaks, cowls, belts, felt hats

Irontree Works, Inc. – Period housewares:  cooking, camping, and eating gear of iron and wood.  Tent stakes, tripods, pans, bowls, horns, utensils, and more!

The Lady’s Garden – Handmade soaps, salves and all-natural body care

MacCamie Studios – clothing, veils, coronets and jewelry

Neverland Designs – Basic Men’s and Women’s garb most in 100% linen

Nobudy’s Bizness – Fresh fudge, Rock candy, licorice, axes, misc stuff for those not wanting sugar

Painted Sky Pottery – POTTERY!!!

Rain’s Regailia – Clothes for all ages, Textiles, Incense, bath salts, and other found items.  Trades welcome

Repair Two Arms – Missing or broken buckles? Blown Rivets? Gauntlets run over in the parking lot? This is your one-stop shop for armor repairs!

Roamin Trader – Jewelry, Feast gear, Leather Goods, Horn Mugs, lanterns, fans walking sticks, knives and Medieval Teddy Bears

Sable Greyhound Gifts – Mediaeval and renaissance jewelry.  Must see custom zibellini family of furred and feathered creatures. One of a kind peerage, kingdom and officer pendants.

Snow Hawk Crafts – Horsebows, arrows, tooled quivers and armguards. Arrow repair, tooled belts and pouches, garb

Time Traveling Traders – Fine Amber, Gemstone & Sterling Silver Jewelry

Viking Archery Supply – Archery equipment: Bows, arrows, bowstrings, Quivers, gloves, arm guards, stringers, thrown weapons, archery T-shirts and more

Wolfram’s Wonderous Wares – Handmade cloak clasps, hairpins, jewelry, leather pouches, belts, tankard straps, new and used feast gear of all sorts.  Much more

Food Market

Guiseppi’s Italy – Panini, spaghetti and meatballs, meatball sandwiches, salads.  Hours will vary due to volunteers schedules.  Please come and see us

Gryphons Nest – Come see what is new while grabbing an old favorite

Odyssey Coffee – coffee, espresso drinks, hot chocolate, strawberry and mocha cappuccino

Ram and Poni – Lunch and Dinner. Daily specials. BBQ. Elk, Buffalo and beef burgers. Elk chili. Drunken mushrooms. Salad. Ice cream. Sherbet.

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