Greetings from Shandra, Saker Submissions Herald.  The following items were entered on the most recent Internal Letter of Intent. 

Anna Plantyn
- New Name
Ardovino Dragonetti - New Blanket Permission to Conflict (Name and Device)
Georgette Durning - New Name
Gwendolyn verch Morgaine - New Badge
Maximilian Praetorius - New Name and New Device
Miakushka Loshkina - New Name and New Device
Mór Bhallach inghean Domhnaill - New Badge
Rolant de Bourbonne - Resub Device
Signý Ulfsdóttir - New Name Change, New Device Change, and two new Badges
Tatiana Nikonovna Besprozvannyja - Resub Device Change
William of Questionable Intentions - New Badge
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