Montana Women Writers: A Geography of the Heart
Also, Aerie Big Sky and Aerie International produced by the students of Big Sky High School.
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For older kids: James Welch
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Deirdre McNamer Rima in the Weeds
Winter Wheat by Mildred Shemm

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Two sets of short stories with Blackfeet in them.  One is sequential -- a story per decade from the coming of the horse until now:  "12 Blackfeet Stories."  Actually, there are thirteen.

Printed versions at

Second antho, less elaborate, is "Willow Sticks".  These are print-on-demand.  I can send them as PDF's with explicit permission to duplicate as needed.

I don't know what your local standards are about frankness.  You are free to use individual stories.  I was very startled when the Western short story website, "Rope and Wire", considered a story about a mail order bride was deemed "too spicy" to be printed.  Most of the stories there are pretty violent!  Lots of stories of many kinds, sorted by author.  Try Tom Sheean.  I might be there as "Mary Scriver" or "Prairie Mary." 

Also, "Heartbreak Butte" which was written by seventh graders working as a group is posted at  Each post is a chapter.  The yearbook is posted at the end.

Prairie Mary

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> Hi folks,
> I am passing on this query from a friend in K-12 publishing:
> I'm looking for English-language public domain fiction of the West that is accessible to young readers up to high school level. If it's a translation from another language, that translation must be either public domain or copyright-free. The more diverse the selection, the better. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Jennifer
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