To the intrepid reader struggling to make sense of this expansive tome on opportunistic sifting whilst affording an effort to reach a distant objective and the non sequitur words poetic associated with it, allow me to solve one small mystery by noting that, through carelessness or intentional and malicious misguiding, a mistake crept into the narrative in the form of an erroneous termination date stated as "25 November 2015" and that such date should be amended for purposes of more accurate visualization of the project, to "25 November 2014."

Chris Carlton, Ph. D.

Benjamin Holton Professor of Agriculture 

Director, Louisiana State Arthropod Museum

President, Coleopterists Society

Department of Entomology, LSB-404

110 Union Sq., Baton Rouge, LA 70803-1710


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Subject: Plus Selected Entomological Poems…

For those that didn't get to see it, or wanted a more user friendly view, here is our poster WITH some fantastic poems about the voyage.


Drive-by Sifting: Account of an Expedition of the Louisiana State Arthropod Museum from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Portland, Oregon, and Return, During 10–24 November 2014; with a Brief Narrative of Travel Conditions, and Collection Methods; Including a List of Coleoptera Species Collected; Plus Selected Entomological Poems from Christopher E. Carlton


The lessons are:

1. Collect wherever you go!

2. Run your samples a long time!






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