Wow.  Kindly let us know what fixes this.  I'm certain you've checked everything from the print screen relating to the printer.  Is this where you can't select the printer?  Have you checked the printer queue, and is there something already there waiting? 


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Hi -
I've had this happen once before, very frustrating. Everything's fine with Photoshop and suddenly I cannot print. I get this error message:

There was an error opening your printer. Printing functions will not be available until you have selected a printer and reopened any documents.

All print functions are grayed out, even the Print One Copy, and I could not "select a printer" if my life depended on it, as there is no option for that. Saving the file as something else doesn't work, and even printing a different file won't work.

I reinstalled printer drivers. Installed the latest update to Photoshop (it had just come in; i am using Pshop CC on a Mac). Restarted. Unplugged the printer and waited. restarted. Shut down and restarted. Zip.

I can print from every other Adobe product but Photoshop.

The last time I had to call tech support and spend ages and let the tech take over my computer; he reset Photoshop's preferences. I cannot find the preferences to try and reset them myself, I don't want to spend an hour with tech support and I don't really like letting someone else I don't know take over my computer.

I see on a Google search that others have this same issue, and it's been going on for several years, why they don't fix it is a puzzle, and a maddening one for all the $$ I spend to own this.

Any suggestions?


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