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From the SCA Bards list:
Singers, storytellers, bards and buskers: Want to perform at 50 Year?
Please fill out this Google Form:
to submit your application to perform on the outdoor stage, tavern, busking
area, or indoor stage. Please note: the application is NOT required for any
Bardic Circle. The deadline for applying to perform is May 1.
The staff will be filling slots as we go, so the earlier you submit your
application, the better selection of performance opportunities you’ll have.
A note about material in Performing Arts:
The site for SCA 50 Year does not have a performance license; accordingly,
the event staff requests that all performers restrict their repertoire to
original pieces for which you own the copyright, pieces which you have
permission to perform, and pieces in the public domain. Any questions
regarding what material can be performed at this event can be directed to
the Performing Arts Lead, Lady Sophia the Orange via
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Opportunities for every level of performer are available at this event, and
the Performing Arts Staff will assist any performer who submits an
application by recommending resources for you. Our crack Performing Arts
Team is bringing you a Performers’ Evening Tavern, Bardic Circles, Indoor
and Outdoor Stages, Busking areas, and a special Performing Arts Day
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Vicountess Shava
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