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CALONTIR acceptances 
* Abu Muqatil Wada' ibn Salamah ibn Daffafah.  Name (see RETURNS for device).
Submitted as Abu Muqatil Wada' ibn Salamah ibn Daffafah, the name appeared as Abu Muqatil Wada' ibn Salama ibn Daffafah in the Letter of Intent. We have restored the name to the submitted spelling to use a consistent transliteration scheme through the entire name.
* Ana Elena de Castil.  Name.
Nice late 15th century Spanish name!
* Ása Ottósdóttir.  Device. Vert estencely, on a pile Or a tree blasted and eradicated purpure.
* Ayisha bint Asad.  Name and device. Azure, a horse courant argent between three mullets of eight points Or, a chief rayonny argent.
* Belinda Mors.  Device. Per bend sinister wavy sable and argent, on a fox dormant contourny gules a decrescent Or.
* Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon.  Augmentation of arms. Per bend sinister sable and Or, a falcon striking contourny counterchanged and for augmentation on a canton purpure a cross of Calatrava within a bordure Or.
* Garsiyya al-Andalusi.  Name.
* Gawain of Miskbridge.  Augmentation of arms. Sable mullety argent, a ship Or sail furled, fore and sterncastles enflamed proper, issuant from base a demi-sun Or and for augmentation the demi-sun charged with a sheaf of three straight trumpets purpure.
* Halldóra Guđrřđardóttir.  Device. Gules, a cameleopard rampant contourny Or spotted sable and a sinister gore Or.
The use of gores with other charges is a step from period practice.
* {O,}zurr Sviđbalki.  Name.
Submitted as Özurr Sviđbalki, the character Ö is used by some sources to represent the O-ogonek character. We have changed the given name to {O,}zurr Sviđbalki with the submitter's permission to use the correct form.
* Viga-Valr viligísl.  Name.
Although the byname viligísl was glossed in Geirr Bassi as "lust-hostage, slave to sexual desire", ffride wlffsdotter noted that vili-gísl is more correctly glossed as "will/desire-hostage", possibly meaning someone with poor impulse control.

CALONTIR returns 
* Abu Muqatil Wada' ibn Salamah ibn Daffafah.  Device. Or, on an onion dome issuant from base sable, a lion rampant contourny Or.
This device is returned for running afoul of SENA A1 which requires an armorial submission to be compatible with period armorial content and style. No documentation was presented, either by the submitter or in commentary, showing evidence of period use of an onion dome or similar shaped item used as charge.

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