The war horns have sounded and Calontir is heading to war!

The days of battle are long and the nights longer!

Who will join me to help our army, the greatest army in the Known World, maintain proper hydration on the field of battle?

Who will march with the Calontir Army, led by our Mighty King and Elegant Queen?

Tuesday through Saturday, about an HOUR BEFORE MUSTER I will be looking for helpers in camp prep the Water, Gatorade, Pickles and Oranges. (Muster times usually written on the chalk board, in the purple pavillion the night before)

On those same days I will be begging for help carting all supplies out to the battlefield. So if you only want to march out with the army and have a hand or cart to spare I would greatly appreciate it.

And those who stay to carry water on the field, I guarantee you the best time on the battlefield, out of armor, you could imagine!

Heavy Combat War Points per the Main Gulf Wars Schedule:

Tuesday, 3/15/16, 3-5pm, Town battle
Wednesday, 3/16/16, 10-1pm, Chivalric Ravine Battle
Thursday, 3/17/16, 1-4pm Field Battles
Friday, 3/18/16, 10-1pm, Bridge Battles, 1-3pm, Fort Battle
Saturday, 3/19/16, 10-2pm, Mother of all Battles
In Service to the Kingdom of Calontir, Qadiya ​
​ de Arazuri​
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