The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'Halvgrimr's Hall: a Viking Age Hoard of Information'

Halvgrimr’s Hall is a Facebook blog page with the stated purpose “A blog where I intend to document my attempts at Living Heroically both in and outside my hobby. I hope my efforts inspire others to do so as well.”

The blog covers many areas of Viking Age reenactment, but most prominent is the extensive research and discussion regarding finds of helmets of the period. Extensive articles on the Vendel Helmet 14, the Sutton Hoo helmet, and pointers to resources for further research are just a few of the items available.

Halvgrimr says he also does “a weekly coverage piece on various ‘Viking Age’ helms and I hope to keep that running even after I run out of extant pieces”

If you are interested in Viking Age research, and especially extant helms, but sure to check out Halvgrimr’s Hall.

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