Just checked with Duncan. According to him, non FB folks should be able to
see the items by going to the page listed. To bid, email him or someone
else to bid for you.


On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 10:06 AM, Rex Deaver <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> That would be a question for Duncan of Skeene. Sorry.
> On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 10:00 AM, Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner <
> [log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Is there any way for non-Facebookers to participate?
>> On 2/21/2016 9:15 AM, Rex Deaver wrote:
>> The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'Lilies Fireworks Fundraising
>> Auction <http://falconbanner.gladiusinfractus.com/?p=1712>'
>> The Lilies Fireworks Fundraising auction has many wonderful items. This
>> is auction is being conducted on Facebook
>> https://www.facebook.com/Liliesfireworks/. All proceeds go to the Lilies
>> Fireworks fund.
>> The Auction will close at 10am CST on March 1.  Additional donated items
>> are welcome, the more the merrier the show.
>> Items are listed below, and the list will be updated as new items are
>> added. (Sorry, we cannot post photos from Facebook.)
>> ------------------------------
>>    - Shield painting by Aiden Groundpounder
>>    - 1 hour massage by Majnun
>>    - Glass bead making weekend with Mistress Sorcha Ingen Ni Mhaolain
>>    - Wooden cooler donated by Tim Hooper
>>    - Knock flat stool made and donated by HL Hugh du Puy
>>    - Son of Anachronism T shirt donated by Bunisher Metal works, Sir Cai
>>    Douglas. Size XXXL
>>    - Custom Heraldic feast gear. This feast gear will be made to a
>>    design that is agreed upon by the winner and the artist. Made and donated
>>    by Painted Sky Pottery, HL Marie le Faivre. Marie will double the set if
>>    the bidding goes over $200
>>    - Print of the original artwork “The Falcon Cross of Calontir” Drawn,
>>    designed, and donated by HL Cearr Mac Brendan
>>    - HL Cearr Mac Brendan is a professional tattoo Artist, he has
>>    donated a $150 gift certificate to his shop, Nuclear Ink in Omaha, NE
>>    - Custom Paternoster made and donated by Konstantia Kaloethina
>>    - Custom Embroidered Hood made and decorated with a design agreed
>>    upon by the winner and the artist. By Countess Issabell St. Charles
>>    - Aurora dress Donated by Linengarb.com <http://linengarb.com/>Rus
>>    pants Donated by LinenGarb.com <http://linengarb.com/>
>>    - Mistress Aiden has donated a C&I starter kit, all you need to get
>>    started. Kit includes Books, pens, inks, paint, and brushes. Retail value
>>    is over $1000
>>    - A custom string of Glass beads in your colors, approximately 30
>>    beads. Made and donated my Mistress Sorcha Ingen Ni Mhaolain
>>    - One set of stainless steel silverware. Hand made and donated by HL
>>    Nikita Pashavich
>>    - Viking hat. Color Burnt orange with darker border. Created by
>>    naalbiding using the Jorvik stitch in worsted weight 100% merino wool.
>>    Unstretched, hat is 8.5 inches deep and 23 inches in circumference. Should
>>    fit heads in the 22 to 25 inch range. Donated and made by HL Cassandra
>>    Peverell
>>    - Black wool iutter, linen lining, hand sewn & hand embroidered with
>>    Silk/wool. Made and donated my Mistress Thora
>>    - Lady Anna Plantain has up for your bidding pleasure Hand spun 400
>>    yards fingering weight yarn in Calontir purple
>>    - Wooden Chair, packs almost flat, Back slides into the bottom for
>>    ease of transport and carrying to and from you camp or car. Made and
>>    donated by HE Avraham Ben David Hakhuzari
>>    - Basic no frills starter helm Conical in Styling. Solid helm, brand
>>    new. Made and donated my Sir Andrew Ward
>>    - Lady Anna Plantain has for you embroiderers 100 yards embroidery
>>    weight double ply wool hand spun floss. The winner gets choice of colors up
>>    to three colors for 100 yards total
>>    - 16th century English blackwork embroidered women’s cap, silk
>>    embroidery on linen. Made and donated by Lady Josefina DelTorre
>>    - Quarrel quiver. Yellow dyed leather with a band of purple dyed
>>    leather that has a Calontir falcon cut out. Made and donated by HL Juliana
>>    Macnayre
>>    - Fabric coronet, made with your specifications and will be ready by
>>    Lilies. Design will be agreed upon by the artist and the purchaser. Custom
>>    made and donated by Mistress Adena
>>    - Hood in blue medium weight wool, lined in white linen. Seam
>>    treatments will be done in gold and cream thread. Made and donated by
>>    Mistress Rebecca Beaumont
>>    - Trim hand embroidered with love by Mistress Lyriel. Trim measures
>>    roughly 7 yards in length, width of a palm
>>    - White woven belt, approx. 2 yds long, wool and woven and donated By
>>    Lord Thomas the Black
>>    - Trim in black/grey/white/red trim approx. 13ft long, 1″ wide, wool.
>>    Hand woven and donated by Lord Thomas the Black
>>    - Red wool knitted cowl, wear this cowl to stay warm at those chilly
>>    events. Knitted and donated by HL Rose Ni Rory
>>    - Purple and gold wool socks. These will be a commission piece to
>>    ensure they fit the winner properly. To be knitted and donated by HL Rose
>>    Ni Rory
>>    - Custom Roman inspired necklace by THL Jibra’il ‘Attar. Necklace
>>    will be delivered within two weeks of design consultation with the winner.
>>    There are two of these in the auction
>>    - Butter tarts. HL Miranda Logansdottir will make you 2 dozen hand
>>    made butter tarts. They will be delivered to the auction winner at an event
>>    agreed upon by the winner and HL Miranda
>>    - Six board pine chest made and donated by Halvgrimr Riddari. Size is
>>    24″ long x 18″ high x 12″ wide. Box to be delivered at Lilies war
>>    - A gift basket of 1 dozen handmade soaps of the recipients choosing.
>>    Made and donated by Lady Antonia Stefani
>>    - Brand new Talhoffer buckler. Donated by Sir Duncan of Skeene
>>    - Hand repousse Pelican Medallion. This is the first copper Pelican
>>    medallion made by Master Alan Smyth of Darkdale. Own a piece of history
>>    form a wonderful artisan. Donated by Master Alan himself
>>    - Beautiful pewter cloak clasp from the merchant Vault of Valhalla.
>>    clasp is approximately 4.5 inches across the clasp. Donated by Vault of
>>    Valhalla (HL Paul Adler)
>>    - Dinner for 6 to be cooked on site and served at either Gulf Wars or
>>    Lilies. Winner must provide feast gear. Menu specifics will be decided upon
>>    by cook and the winner. A sample idea would be composed salad, lamb roast
>>    with 2 sides, dessert. Can tailor to specific tastes and/or persona.
>>    Donated by HE Marie du Puy
>>    - A period correct hilt of your preference for a blade you provide.
>>    Highest bid gets to select a pre-17th century hilt type (documented to 1599
>>    or earlier) and a personalized decorative theme. Grip and pommel are
>>    included in this donation. *Blade not included* donated and made by Lord
>>    Gassion Beaumarchais
>>    - One Riveted steel cauldron. These cauldrons are hand dished and
>>    riveted together by HL Hildibrandr.
>>    - Beautiful hat with faux fur trim. The hat is reversible, and the
>>    tassel can be moved easily to the other side of the hat completing the
>>    look. Hat fits up to a 23.5″ head. This hat was made and donated by HE
>>    Ayesha de Warwick of Ansteorra
>>    - Own a piece of Calontir History with this next item. Original
>>    Lilies banner bought at a regalia auction years ago. Donator believes it is
>>    from the first Lilies. Banner is heavy cotton applique, all in good
>>    condition, no fraying anywhere. Back side is somewhat (but mostly evenly)
>>    faded from being hung in a window. Donated by HE Branwen Ferch Rhael
>>    - This is a crossover rapier blade with a 6″ tang and a crossover
>>    longsword blade with a 10″ tang (separate items). These blades are slightly
>>    heavier and stiffer than the standard rapier blades, these have the same
>>    features with a wider profile. Crossover blades are designed to meet the
>>    flex requirements for both Rapier and Cut & Thrust, HEMA and WMA combat.
>>    These blades have a 3″ricasso. Blade Only Generously donated by Castille
>>    Armory <http://www.castillearmory.com>
>>    - A complete Feder long sword. Blade- 38″ long, 1lb 14oz. With of
>>    blade (from fort to tip) fort 1-1/8″, schilt 1-7/8″, blade/schilt shoulder
>>    7/8″, @12″ 7/8″, @20″ 3/4″, @30″ 1/2″, tip is spatulated 5/16″ swelled and
>>    rounded.Blade thickness is .214 at the schilt, @ 12″ .190, @20″ .160, @30″
>>    .125. The tip swells in the last 3/4 inch to .214. The guard is made from
>>    a2 3/8 thick steel and is contoured. The complete length is 51.5″. The
>>    complete weight is 3lbs 8 oz. Flex is centered @ 26″ from the fort for a
>>    perfect “last third flex.” Balance is centered at the front of the schilt;
>>    2.75″ in front of the guard. Also donated by Castille Armory
>>    <http://www.castillearmory.com>
>>    - One 1/4 or 1/2 Scale Mary Rose chest. With interior compartments, a
>>    six panel chest or a Norse chest. Which ever the winner of the bid wishes.
>>    Artisan will work with the winner to determine their needs and desires for
>>    finishes on the chest. Chests will be made from pine and suitable for camp
>>    or home. Donated by Lord John Bowyer
>>    - A Calontir Purple haversack decorated with a yellow machine
>>    embroidered striking falcon. made and donated by Lady Lillian Bowyer
>>    - Lady Lillian Bowyer also offers a second bag. The bag will be made
>>    in consultation with the winner and be delivered upon completion. The bag
>>    is wool with a linen lining and two interior pockets. The hand stitching
>>    and patterns will be done in the Bayeux tapestry style and can be either a
>>    design the winner and Lillian work on or a design from the tapestry itself.
>>    - Custom banner by HL Konstantia Kaloethina. Banner will be delivered
>>    upon completion.
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