Many hands make light work.  It’s a saying that you’ve probably heard time
and time again. However, no matter how many times it's been said, it is
something that we in the SCA take to heart.  And the time has come, once
again to ask for volunteers.  On April 2, a gang of hardworking citizens
will gather to perform the annual maintenance on the Lilies War Site.

We will be cleaning up tree line, clearing pathways, spreading gravel, and
working on other projects that need worked on.  And while this work is
mostly labor intensive, all those willing to help are encouraged to attend.
Things that might be useful to bring include work gloves, shovels and rakes
(rock and leaf). Also please dress appropriately; we will be working rain
or shine!  Hats and work boots are encouraged, as are clothes that you
don’t mind getting dirty or wet.

Chainsaws are allowed, but only with advance permission from the Event
Stewards, and they will only be used under close supervision.  Also if you
have a truck that you would allow us to use to haul gravel and/or downed
branches in please let us know.

We plan to start at 9:00 AM on April 2, meeting near the shower house.
Lunch will be a potluck.  We will provide burgers and hot dogs for the
masses.  We are asking everyone else to provide some kind of side or
dessert to share. Some drinks will be available, but please make sure you
have plenty of water on hand for the whole day.

So, if you are planning on attending, please let us know, either on the
Facebook event (, or
through our email [log in to unmask]

Please watch the Facebook site and the Lilies War website (
for more information and updates as we get closer to the date.

Thank you and please feel free to share this with any appropriate email
group, website, or social page!

In service,

Contesse Issabell St. Charles & Baroness Rebecca Beaumont

Event Stewards – Lilies War 30

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