Hi All:
Can anyone remember a fairly recent magazine article, either in Artist's Magazine, or Watercolor Magazine, or maybe (???) International Artist.... an article about a digital projector that was touted as good for projecting onto canvas or paper? up close work, not classroom projection. 
I cannot find the article, and thought I would make note of it at the time. 

It was (don't laugh) white, small, and the artist said it projected super sharp detail, with a whole bunch of data to consider. I want to consider the data. 

My digital projector is a dismal failure in projecting onto a full sheet watercolor paper. The size of the square blocks is huge. The Epson projector that the desert museum has in my classroom is sharp and the squares are tiny tiny. So I'm sick of transferring pencil drawings via the tracing method, and would appreciate it anyone can remember that article.

Or has any first-had experience. 
As I remember, it was about $400.


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