Hi All,
If I'm citing from a publication in which a nominal subgenus or nominal subspecies is spelled wrong, how do you suggest I proceed with the term "[sic]"? Only after the first error, only after the last error, or after each error?
a) Oxystermom [sic] (Oxystermom) festixum  [sic] festixum
b) Oxystermom (Oxystermom) [sic] festixum festixum [sic]
c) Oxystermom [sic] (Oxystermom) [sic] festixum [sic] festixum [sic]
I have not encountered names in which both genus and species were spelled wrong, the above is just an example I made up. Option c) appears the best to me, but it looks kind of funny when both name and "[sic]" are repeated.
Thanks you in advance,