2017 Biennial Conference of the Royal Musical Association Music and
Philosophy Study Group
Deadline for initial proposal of Associates or Themed Sessions: 30 June 2016
Conference dates: 13-14 July 2017


Strand Campus, King’s College London

With the move to biennial conferences, we have changed the overall format
in order to continue our mission to maximise diversity and inclusivity,
whilst upholding the highest scholarly standards. With that in mind, we
hope that the following information will be of interest, and that you will
consider the possibility of hosting an Associates or Themed session, or, in
due course, of submitting a paper proposal.

The 2017 RMA MPSG Conference will feature three types of session:

Associates sessions will be hosted by other organisations with related

Themed sessions will be organised by individual session convenors, who will
issue a call for papers on a specific topic, and select papers themselves
(in conjunction with the central programme committee);

Free sessions will consist of papers submitted to an open, unthemed, call
for papers.

In addition to these sessions, there will be two plenary debates with
invited speakers, one at the start of the conference and one at its close.
All other conference time will be devoted to Associates, Themed, and Free


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