A reminder, I am always looking for good A&S documentation, and especially research papers to add to the Florilegium.

So if you are submitting something for this event, please consider sending me a copy so that folks outside Calontir and also get to see your work.

My standard policy is that I won’t publish without explicit permission, you keep the copyright and can post it elsewhere. As you learn more, you can always change things since I accept updates.

Some people have lost the copies of their work through disk crashes etc. Sending it to me means you can access it on the website or you an email me to send you a copy if something happens to yours.

But most of all this helps you spread the work you’ve done across the entire Known World.


On Aug 24, 2016, at 9:50 PM, Vince Zahnle <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


I have realized that the standing competition rules don't specify anything about submitting research papers in advance, desirable as this is, so that the judges can be assigned and actually read or check them in advance. I'll update those rules for future use, but for this year here is the plan:

I therefore request that anyone submitting a research paper turn it in by midnight, Friday September 9th, so we can assign judges and get the paper to them.

To submit, please send the papers to me in electronic form, PDF ideally, by that time so that I can parcel them out to judges and the judges will be able to intelligently discuss them with you at the tournament.

You should also print your own hard copies for the event to put on the table, plus prepare any supporting exhibit material you want to show for your table space, of course.

Yours in service,
Paul Adler

Vince Zahnle
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