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The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'Demo Saturday August 6, 2016
*Demo Saturday August 6, 2016* *Where: Sir Cai**’**s Modern Workplace,
Ottawa KS (Shire of Carlsby)*

Sir Cai arranged for his company to allow the SCA to hold a full-on demo at
his annual company picnic. Kolmar Industries in Ottawa, KS hosted SCA folk
from multiple nearby groups, including the Shire of Carlsby, the Shire of
Cum an Iolair, the Shire of Crescent Moon, the Shire of Aston Tor and the
Barony of Forgotten Sea. Visitors from distant groups, including the Barony
of Vtavia and the Shire of Golden Seas even joined in the fun. This author
is certain she has left out some groups, as well. Apologies for that. There
were so many people, the demo was certainly the size of a decent event!
[image: Look at all that Meanest Mother Melee fighting!]

Look at all that Meanest Mother Melee fighting!

We had enough people for tourney fighting, cut-and-thrust and archery
events side-by-side, multiple-fighter melees, several meanest-mother melees
and even some old style Holmgang melees. This author heard laughing and
great fun coming from the list field throughout the day. Epic deaths were
seen. Even Ottawa residents came to the park, set up their lawn chairs and
watched the sport throughout the day, enjoying the unusually mild August
[image: Ottawa's newest spectator sport]

Ottawa’s newest spectator sport

The SCA personnel put on a fine showing of our best artisanry, too. We
fully encircled the list fields with pavilions full of our best displays,
from scribal arts through a fully functional forge thanks for Baron Lothar!
Several people combined their talents to show how wool moves from sheep to
fully woven fabric, including spindles, a spinning wheel, and two kinds of
looms.  Mistress Dorcas provided an entire pavilion of heraldic goodies and
information, too.
[image: Amazing fiber arts demo - sheep to shawl!]

Amazing fiber arts demo – sheep to shawl!

An all-day chainmail demo by HL Thomas the Black, armoring, sewing,
displays of the Baronial coronets, finished garb hanging in the pavilions,
and lots of people willing to talk about the SCA and our period of history
provided a well-rounded, educational opportunity for the Kolmar employees,
their families and others who visited. Many friends and family members of
the SCA folks came by to see us, too!
[image: H.L. Thomas the Black and his chain mail demo]

H.L. Thomas the Black and his chain mail demo

Sir Cai graciously printed outstanding informational brochures and amazing
laminated SCA bookmarks for us to give to visitors during our recruitment
efforts. These proved very popular with the younger set, who also enjoyed
the hands-on nature of most of the demo items. Being able to touch real,
hand-woven fabric, chainmail, armored fighters and heraldic banners caused
more than one young mouth to gape in amazement as they saw storybooks come
alive before their eyes. Lady Maegwynn provided heraldic announcements
before the fighting, including explanations of the SCA – who we are, what
we do, and why the visitors should come around and check out the demos.
[image: Baron Lothar explaining how he is forging his Holder Down Thing]

Baron Lothar explaining how he is forging his Holder Down Thing

As a reward for our demo, the Kolmar folks provided the SCA demo-ers with a
luscious BBQ lunch of pork, turkey, beef and all the sides. Bounce-houses
and a bounce-obstacle course for the kids were available, although us
adults were sadly not allowed. We debated the wisdom of obtaining ones
rated for grownups for the next Tor Party at Lilies.

It was a beautiful day of temperate weather, gentle breezes, great fun
fighting and some of the best fun many of us had in a long time. We wish
the rest of you had been able to join us! Enjoy the photos – I’ve linked
them to my Flickr page, because I took so many. These are just a few

Link to Photos:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/7579381@N02/albums/

In joyous fealty to the Crown and People of Calontir, I remain your loyal
servant and Scribe-

*Takashoka Spaekona Aidan Cocrinn, OL*
[image: Like]
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