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We are pleased to announce the publication of the fourth volume of Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy. This is a special volume titled Engaging Students through Jazz. In it, we have collected ten essays that address the myriad ways of bringing jazz music and pedagogical methods into the traditional music theory classroom. These essays are organized around the following topics: (1) Rhythm, Meter, and Form; (2) Canonic Jazz Works and Schemata; (3) Transcription and Its Analysis; (4) Harmony and Harmonic Nomenclature. Our goal with this issue is not only to broaden the study of jazz repertoire discussed in music theory classrooms, but also to help instructors engage students authentically and creatively with concepts of music theory by applying music-making practices derived from jazz to any musical repertoire.

The issue may be accessed at the following link:

Special thanks goes to Kris Shaffer, Meghan Naxer, Philip Duker, Anna Gawboy and Bryn Hughes—the regular editors of Engaging Students—for agreeing to hand us the reins and for production help, to our amazing editorial and review board for all their hard work over the summer months, and to Keith Waters for providing an excellent forward to the issue.


Garrett Michaelsen, University of Massachusetts–Lowell
Chris Stover, The New School
Dariusz Terefenko, Eastman School of Music


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