JOURNAL CONTENTS: Journal of Fandom Studies, special issue

Journal of Fandom Studies, 4.2
Special Issue: Musicking and Media Fandom,id=3153/


Introduction: Musicking in media fandom
Authors: Jessica Getman and Aya Esther Hayashi

Sherlock's violin: Making the Victorian modern through musical fan culture
Author: Elizabeth A. Clendinning

Folk music in a digital age: The importance of face-to-face community values in filk music
Author: Sally Childs-Helton

Fandom's new frontier: Star Trek in the concert hall
Author: Brooke McCorkle

'Reading and [w]rocking': Morality and musical creativity in the Harry Potter fandom
Author: Catherine Hall

Recut and re-tuned: Fan produced parody trailers
Author: James Deaville


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