Contemporary Music Review, Volume 35, Issue 2, April 2016

Special Issue: Hybridity of Practice and Aesthetics Between Electronic Dance and Electroacoustic Musics

Stephen Davismoon


Register, Dialect, Convolution, and ‘Crosstalk’: Reflections on ‘ … the Zones of Influence and Hybridity Between Electroacoustic, Acousmatique Music, Techno, and IDM’
Mike Vaughan

Unsound Connections: No-Input Synthesis System
Manoli Moriaty

Entoptic Phenomena in Audio: Categories of Psychedelic Electroacoustic Composition
Jonathan Weinel

Examining the Effects of Experimental/Academic Electroacoustic and Popular Electronic Musics on the Evolution and Development of Human–Computer Interaction in Music
George Meikle

Microtonal Tunings in Electronic Dance Music: A Survey of Precedent and Potential
Adam Hart

Atomisation of Sound
Stephen Davismoon

Movement as Perception: Bergson, Deleuze, and Hybridity Between Electroacoustic and Intelligent Dance Music
Coryn Smethurst

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