"Une place dans le monde": Musique et appartenance / Canada 150

“A Place in This World”: Music and Belonging / Canada 150

IASPM-Canada Annual Conference

Deadline for abstracts: November 30, 2016

May 25-27, 2017

Full call for papers here:  http://iaspm.ca/

University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

In a queer dance club, a Black Lives Matter or Idle No More protest, at the Tragically Hip’s “farewell” concert this past August, in the context of Canadian confederation or elsewhere, music is a powerful means through which participants can enact a sense of belonging. Of course, as demonstrated by Brexit, the Syrian refugee crisis, celebrations of Canada’s 150th birthday (branded as “Canada 150”), and activism on behalf of murdered and missing indigenous women, any enactment of belonging also carries with it a series of struggles over who is included and excluded, over whose voice and experiences matter. Music is integral to these processes of inclusion and exclusion.

Our theme encourages participants to explore questions of musical belonging in a wide range of contexts. How does music shape national belonging, particularly in Canada, a settler colonial nation with complex racial and language politics, as well as a music industry shaped by multinational forces? How does music shape communities and counterpublics on dance floors, concert venues, and parade routes? How do archives and methods shape our sense of what music matters? How does musical performance and policy draw boundaries around the human and between people?


As this is our annual conference for IASPM-Canada, we also encourage proposals of any popular music topic, and we hope to include the widest array of scholarship in the field as possible.


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