*International Musicological Society (IMS) Congress, 2017 in Tokyo*

*Musicology: Theory and Practice, East and West*

Sunday, March 19 to Thursday, March 23, 2017, Tokyo National University of
the Arts, Tokyo, Japan

We are pleased to announce the 20th Quinquennial Congress of the
International Musicological Society, 2017 in Tokyo. This is the first of
the IMS congresses to take place in Asia. The theme of the congress is
Theory and Practice, East and West.” The Program Committee has invited 371
free papers, 10 study sessions and 23 roundtables presenting topics from
the broadest array of research fields within our discipline.

We also will feature concerts (early and contemporary music from East and
West), exhibitions (historical musical sources and instruments), and
post-congress programs (Tokyo Bay cruising, musical sightseeing in Kyoto
and Osaka). There will be panels by the IMS Study Groups, as well as RILM,
RISM, RIPM, and RIdIM meetings.

More details are available at http://ims2017-tokyo.org.

To register, please access our website http://ims2017-tokyo.org and
complete the online registration form. The
deadline for early bird registration is December 19, 2016. Online
registrations will be accepted until February 19, 2017 at a higher rate.

Officers of the IMS 2017 in Tokyo, Japan

President of the Organizing Committee: Prof. Hiroshi Watanabe

Co-chairs of the Program Committee: Prof. Daniel Chua, Prof. Ryuichi Higuchi


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