Some of you may recall hearing of, or have had first hand experience 
with, the "loan requests" from "Dr. Rehmani" (originally "Dr. Haq", then 
"Dr. Mohammad F. Haq Rehmani", then just Dr. Rehmani, and now "Dr. 
Shaikh. T. Rehman") - first exposed in 2003, and again in 2012 - and 
apparently just starting another assault on the scientific community. He 
targets a variety of different collections, including insects, asking to 
borrow things that he thinks he can sell, on the pretext for either 
needing it to restock specimens lost from his fictitious museum, or for 
his fictitious research program. If this rings no bells, I urge you to 
read the article linked below, plus the comments posted on it.


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Hello All,

It seems Dr. Rehmani is back at it with new requests for specimens now 
targeted at NOAA. There was a request to the Alaska Fisheries Science 
Center in 2015 and a new request to the Northwest Fisheries Science 
Center last week.  If this is the first you are hearing of this- please 
don't respond to requests from this person. He sells the specimens from 
his biological supply company in India at very high prices. Here is an 
article about this from 2012, quoting Andy Bentley: 

We have requests from him dating back to 1986. The best tactic is just 
to ignore him. I'm quite sure he just grabs names of scientists and adds 
them to his request to try to add validity, but I doubt Dominique was 
ever involved with this request.


    We received following request from  India for spotted rat fish samples ,
    with recommendations from Dr. Dominique A. Didier ,Professor -Biology,,
    Millersville, PA , E-mail<[log in to unmask]
    <mailto:[log in to unmask]>
    <mailto:[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>>>

    Request from India

    Presently, I am working Research on the Comparative Skeletal Morphology
    of World Chimaeridae fish family.

    I am in need of  *50* Specimens of DEAD & PRESERVED ( In 5 % Formalin OR
    70 % Alcoholic Preserved) */Hydrolagus colliei /*,spotted Rat-fish( Size
    Range: 10"-15")for my research studies.

    *On most humanitarian ground, please bring this request in the knowledge
    of your Science Director to ask the Fisheries Biologists to provide
    these specimens **via USPS Priority Express Parcel Or UPS Expedite
    Service OR. Freight-Paid DHL( International : Economy) shipment.*

    *Since these Fishes are nor restricted/Nor Endangered and neither CITES
    listed and can be sent frequently to India by completing the US Wildlife
      Form No. ** 3-177 and very simple Postal Customs Forms.*

      *I assure you that I shall mention gratefully your Director's Name and
    Fish Biologist's  name  and  material help  in our Research publication
    and shall provide you few copies of  the published Result for your kind
    perusal and record.*

    Please be so kind to help me in this matter.

    Anxiously, I am awaiting to have your earliest reply.

    Dr. Shaikh T.Rehman


    MLS-Bioscience Laboratory

    Institute of Higher Education

    1066 Civil Lines

    Jhansi-284001, U.P.


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