Graduate Student Endowment
 Fund Raising Drive 2016

Dear all,

I just wanted to update you on the state of the ESA SysEB endowment for 2016. Good news! As of August 8, the Endowment has collected $51,215 (up from $44,065 in 2015). Many thanks to our continuing donors, including the Coleopterist’s Society. As of July 31, the fund generated $2,646 in investment income that is available for 2016-17. Because of a poor performance last year, we decided then to stockpile the money for 2017 to make awards more consistent, hopefully. However, the SysEB executive did make one small award of $615 to Matthew Prebus (Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of California, Davis) [our second recipient], who is one of the SysEB Research Travel Award recipients. The principle of the endowment is managed by the Entomological Society of America in a restricted fund. Basically, the principle is protected and can only grow by your tax-deductible investments. Please contribute, and contribute often J.

As we come to a close of the 2016 tax year, I hope that you would consider making a donation to the endowment. We are still a long way from my personal goal of $100,000 J. When we get to $1,000,000 I promise to leave you alone…. (well, maybe)…..

Again, I want to express my extreme thanks to Tom Rogers for jump starting this entire program with his initial generous gift and to all of the others that have followed him with their ongoing contributions!


 John Heraty

 Endowment Organizer

 Donate online:

Please mail your tax deductible check donations to:

Entomological Society of America

SysEB Section Graduate Student Endowment

3 Park Place, Suite 307

Annapolis, MD, 21401-3722, USA

Please add:  "SysEB Graduate Student Endowment" to the note field on the check and indicate if you would like a receipt.