Just a quick reminder before you begin making your way to Orlando of a few things we are hoping to do differently.

1)      The minutes from the 2015 ECN meeting in Minneapolis are attached to this message and also available at We are asking members to please read them over before the business meeting so that we can simply approve them. Thanks for your help with this.


2)      We are offering a large space on one of the poster boards for posting announcements (particularly job announcements or other announcements that might lend themselves to being posted in this manner).  We will still call for announcements from the floor, but we strongly urge you to use the posting space for announcements that can be handled that way to cut down on the amount of time devoted to announcements.


3)      The Memorial wall poster now has 5 individuals on it.  We will show the short video memorial for Norm Penny and call for additional members lost so they can be remembered.  The poster has space where you can leave thoughts and memories of these individuals which we will share with their family and loved ones so please consider leaving a few words.  Even just signing your name to show that you stopped by to honor them would be appreciated.


4)    For those of you displaying posters, we have push pins for you so no need to bring those.


See you all in 2 days!!!








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