A recent issue of Polygraph: An International Journal of Politics and Culture is devoted largely to musical issues from a materialist, Leftist, in some cases Marxist perspective. Please see the table of contents below. Parts of the issue are available on line, but the feature articles are not. Students, the unwaged, or readers where currency restrictions would prevent access, should contact me or the editors, Lidia Klein and Karim Wissa. The issue in hard copy is available from Duke University Press via the following email address:

Once at that site, please see the list of issues at the top of the page.

The issue includes a translation of a Marxist treatise on music by the Austrian musicologist and sociologist Kurt Blaukopf, writing under the pseudonym Hans Wind, which was published in 1935 with the following title: Die Endkrise der Burgerlichen Musik und die Rolle Arnold Schonbergs (umlauts omitted here). The work is notable in part as an early scholarly engagement with Adorno's thought. The German original is a rarity, and readers interested in it can contact me off list. Thanks are due the editors for the opportunity to publish the translation in its entirety in hard copy, and to Blaukopf's son for permission to do so.

Murray Dineen
University of Ottawa
Murraydineen – at – uottawa.ca

POLYGRAPH: An International Journal of Politics and Culture 25 (2016) Sound and the Modes of Production
Issue Editors: Lidia Klein and Karim Wissa

Introduction. (Available as a PDF file).Karim Wissa

The Final Crisis of Bourgeois Music and the Role of Arnold Schoenberg
Kurt Blaukopf [Hans Wind]. Translated by Murray Dineen

Work's End. Murray Dineen

Not for You: Stories of Music and Work from the Precarious Service Industry. Matt Dineen

A Note on the Sublime in Music. Fredric Jameson

Mind's Ear: Gender and the Reversibility of Instrument and Voice in Traditional Jazz. Jay Hammond

The Voice: A Diagnosis. Brian Kane

Performing the City: Pedestrian Acts and Home to Harlem. Joe Varghese Yeldho

Music in the Abysmal Maw of Autophagia. Seth Kim-Cohen

Please Play: Sounding the Limits of Sonic Participation. S. Alana Wolf

Books in Review: (All available as pdf files.) John Luther Adams, Inuksuit (Cantaloupe Music, 2013), Become Ocean (Cantaloupe Music, 2014). Review by D. Edward Davis
Slavoj Žižek, Absolute Recoil: Towards a New Foundation of Dialectical Materialism (Verso, 2014). Review by Michael Gaffney
Ana Maria Ochoa Gautier, Aurality: Listening and Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Colombia (Duke University Press, 2014). Review by Joella Bitter
The Barbara Johnson Reader: The Surprise of Otherness, edited by Melissa Feuerstein, Bill Johnson González, Lili Porten, and Keja L. Valens (Duke University Press, 2014). Review by Rachel Greenspan
The Porn Archives, edited by Tim Dean, Steven Ruszczycky, and David Squires (Duke University Press, 2015). Review by John Paul Stadler

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