If the ranch wouldn't have any qualms about referring to the position as "The Diamond S Postdoctoral Fellowship in Western Cultural History,", I think they'd get applications from about half the listserv. 😂


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Any takers?
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Mr. Lynch

My name is Sean Dugan and I am contacting you because I am in desperate need of assistance. I manage a 10,000 acre ranch just outside of Eagle, Colorado and still residing on the ranch is the former ranch manager, Jack Oleson.

Jack is currently 92 years old and has managed to pack about as much adventure as someone could into that amount of time. He still works a contractor for the ranch, is sharp as a tack, and helps us with snow plowing, irrigation, hay, and restoration of our historic ranch buildings. I'll copy a link about him in this message, it is 17 years old and only gives you a glimpse of the stories he has.  

I would like to get someone to write down a life history and stories of Jack. We are willing to pay and provide whatever support necessary. If you know of anyone or have any helpful suggestions I would be more than happy to hear them.

See below:




Sean Casey Dugan

Ranch Manager

Diamond S Ranch

Office: 970-328-7757

Cell: 970-343-9686
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