The AMS database *Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology*
<> is an extensive online database of doctoral
dissertations related to musicology (in the broadest sense of the word,
including *music theory*, *ethnomusicology*, and many other music research
disciplines). The database contains about 17,500 records of complete and
in-progress musicology dissertations, dating from the late nineteenth
century to a few days ago. Search capabilities are numerous, including
searching according to advisor, degree-granting institution, keywords, etc.
A number of entries have listings for online access to dissertations.

The database relies on authors and users for its information. *If you have
recently completed* a doctoral dissertation, please have a look and make
sure that your dissertation is accurately listed. If necessary, *update
your listing* <>.

If your in-progress or completed dissertation is not yet included, please *send
information via this form* <>.

Finally, if you are aware of a dissertation that is not found in the
database but should be included, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for helping to make the database more comprehensive and
accurate. Please pass this on to those you know who may be interested: all
aspects of music research, including music theory and ethnomusicology, are
included in the database.

Bob Judd
American Musicological Society
rjudd -at-


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