CONF: Artistic Migration and Identity, Paris 1870-1940

27-29 April 2017

McGill University (Montréal) and Montréal Museum of Fine Arts

This conference seeks to explore the phenomenon of artistic migration to
Paris during the Third Republic from an interdisciplinary perspective
(music, literature, and the visual arts), thus offering researchers from
different fields the opportunity to compare their case studies and to
formulate ideas that transcend their field of specialization, with the goal
of producing a comprehensive understanding of the issues related to
artistic migration to Paris.

The conference will feature a concert of chamber music by composers who
migrated to Paris in the first decades of the twentieth century.

The international conference will be preceded by a study day on surrealism
on April 26: “‘Silence is Golden’: Surrealism at 100 and the Place of Music
in Its History”.

Conference organizers: Steven Huebner, Federico Lazzaro

Study day organizers: Jeremy Cox, Lloyd Whitesell

Keynote speakers: Pascal Ory, Ihor Junyk (conference), Sébastien
Arfouilloux (study day)


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