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Yale Journal of Music & Religion Vol. 3, No. 1, a general issue covering topics such as street performance in Hindu–Christian dialogue, the religious aspects of Acadian patriotic songs, and church music in early modern Germany, Victorian South Africa, and Lutheran Sweden. ( details below.

Special Issue CFP: Voice, Media, and Technologies of the Sacred
Submissions close August 1, 2017
Yale Journal of Music & Religion invites articles that examine voice, media, and technologies of the sacred. Approaching voice through its sonic and material dimensions, this special issue will focus on the intersections of religion, media, and mediation with the poetics and infrastructures of sacred voice. Possible topics include the continuities and ruptures between “old” and “new” media in terms of sacred voice; the shaping of sacred voice through religious conventions, aesthetics, and technologies; media and the voicing of religious subjectivity and authority; the institutions and infrastructures of sacred voice; vocal identity, embodiment, and mediation; nonhuman or disembodied voices in religious texts and other media; and the role of individual and congregational voices in religious practice and mediation. Please contact editor-in-chief Jeffers Engelhardt with questions about possible submission topics: jengelhardt -at-

Current Issue: Volume 3, Number 1 (2017):

"Acting in": The Effect of Performance on Relations between Christians and Hindus in Odisha, India
Douglas R. Anthony

Glimpses into the Music and Worship Life of a Victorian Colonial Cathedral: The Anglican Cathedral of St Michael and St George in 1900 (Grahamstown, South Africa)
Andrew-John Bethke

Ultramontane Piety and Catholic Sociability: The Prescription and Practice of Identity in Acadian Patriotic Songs
Jeanette Gallant

Liturgical Singing in the Lutheran Mass in Early Modern Sweden and its Implications for Clerical Ritual Performance and Lay Literacy
Mattias O. Lundberg

Relational Power, Music, and Identity: The Emotional Efficacy of Congregational Song
Nathan Myrick

Marian Theology in Printed Cantata Librettos for the German Lutheran Church, 1704-1754
Mark A. Peters

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