Greetings All from Hubert!

The following was posted on the Book of Faces by RIddere Snorri:

"This just in! We will be having shafted arrow authorizations at War College! Bring your loaner gear, both combat archery AND armor so that we can get fighters authorized in shafted CA and archers authorized in armored combat."

Hubert here again: Please direct all questions to the Calontir War Council via their website 

Also on their website you can find the combat class schedule for War College.

Also for non-fighter classes, if you plan to take the gambeson making class, please bring a thimble and scissors. Everything else to get you started will be supplied. 

I hope to see everyone at War College in Amlesmore May 6th!

In Service,
Hubert de Stockleye
Amlesmore Seneschal
Shire of Amlesmore | Kingdom of Calontir | Society of Creative Anachronism
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