Just a quick update to any and all of you who might be attending King's Companie this weekend....  I have replied to all who have emailed me with their registration information.  If you have not received a reply from this email address, I did not receive anything from you.

Listed below are the teams submitted to me so far. There are several names that have not signed up yet.  If these good gentles could contact me at 
 dolphin  lover  1988 @ gmail (dot) com  (no spaces)
 at their earliest convenience it would be much appreciated.

Barony of Lonely Tower
Rolf Hobart
Michael de Lundie
Owain the Younger 
Eden Deveraux
Dolan Madoc (already registered)

Barony of Vatavia

Roderik de Grahm
Otricvon Mekelenborgh of Westumbria
Johann(already registered)
William Douglas(already registered)
Konrad (already registered)

Barony of Three Rivers

Dammo Utwiler
Emeline de Moulineaux
Franz Johnn Gottskriger
HRM Issabel St. Charles
Bero von Wüstenbrunner

Thank you so very much to the many of you who have already registered via email.  It makes things run much more smoothly on Saturday morning for everyone!

Safe travels to one and all!

In Service,

Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad.
A light heart lives long.

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