Ladies of the Rose Youth and Armored Rattan Tournament!
Save the DATE!!!!

The Calontir Ladies of the Rose invite all Roses to the Ladies of the Rose Youth *AND* Rattan combat tournament.

Date: June 9, 2018, the first Saturday of Lilies War

Time: 6 pm

This year, all Roses are encouraged to invite:

2 Rattan fighters, 1 belted/ 1 unbelted; or 2 unbelted; Roses choice, 


an authorized Youth 

to fight in the first ever combined Youth and Rattan combat Tournament.  

Each tournament will have a separate list tree, with the Youth and Adult fights interspersed.

The tournament for the Rattan fighters will be a Double Elimination tournament.

We are hoping that we can inspire enough Youth who want to participate in the tournament to also have a Double Elimination tournament for our Youth Combat. If we do not have enough participants, the Youth combat portion will be a round robin.

To that end, please encourage all Youth wishing to participate in this event to authorize before Lilies War! 

I have contacted every event steward between now and Lilies War hoping to have youth combat available at every this spring. So far we will have Youth Combat at Melon Wars and St George and the Dragon. I am tentatively waiting on other replies. 

If you are an authorized Youth Marshall and will be attending any event this Spring and are willing to take the time to Authorize any youth who would like to be involved please contact either myself, Duke Dongal or the steward for the event you will be attending.

Qadiya Catalina de Arazuri 
(December Montecino)
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~~~ Catalina
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